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Le Mondial du Bâtiment takes place from 4 to 8 November 2019 at Paris-Nord Villepinte - this is the leading international show for the architecture, building and construction sectors. In tune with the sector’s major developments, this is the must-attend event for all industry players, who can find all the information and analysis they need at INTERCLIMA, IDÉOBAIN and BATIMAT.

As well as being the meeting place for the industry’s key players, Le Mondial du Bâtiment also represents the culmination of all the initiatives launched since the 2017 session, which continue to be active between each session: the Construction Tech® hub, the Regard sur L’Architecture (Architectural Perspectives) programme, and Batiradio, the internet radio station dedicated to the building sector.

The ideal place to meet, do business and understand trends

Building, housing and urban planning are evolving rapidly and play an essential role in the well-being of residents and in supporting new lifestyles and consumption modes through ever-greater flexibility, accessibility and adaptability:

- Needs and usages must shift towards carbon-neutral and resource-sustainable lifestyles, particularly for water resources.
- Ways of working and living are evolving towards greater flexibility in adapting to different stages of life.
- Ownership relationships have changed, and consumers are refocusing on usage and quantity consumed, rather than lifetime function.
- Access to work, services and leisure facilities is vital to social cohesion. This is not just an issue for the development of large urban areas, but for rural areas as well.
- Part of the population is poorly housed or cannot access decent, safe and comfortable housing.

Based on these observations, Le Mondial du Bâtiment is building an offer that enables exhibitors and visitors to find effective solutions and products through discussion opportunities, talks and demonstrations.

‘With ‘Construction, the city and the regions: the foundations of societal transformations in the next ten years’, as their guiding theme, INTERCLIMA, IDÉOBAIN and BATIMAT will more than ever act as hubs to unite all industry players, enabling them to seize the new issues facing construction and find solutions’, explains Guillaume Loizeaud, Director of Le Mondial du Bâtiment.

Le Mondial du Bâtiment brings industry professionals together

In 2019, Le Mondial du Bâtiment will go the extra mile to enable all professionals to attend this key event.

There will be 3 high speed TGV trains departing from the cities of Bordeaux, Marseilles and Lyon, and 100 coaches will be chartered from other parts of France; 200 shuttles will be available from Paris mainline stations, taking visitors to the Paris-Nord Villepinte exhibition centre. 

At Le Mondial du Bâtiment, the emphasis is on creating a welcoming atmosphere, for informal networking. Exhibitors and visitors will have access to new catering areas (a food court and a restaurant serving regional dishes), as well as a friendly new VIP area at INTERCLIMA, and the Influencers’ Club at BATIMAT.

BATIMAT’s 60th anniversary will also be an opportunity to come together to celebrate the innovations that have transformed construction.

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